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Friday, January 16, 2009

Current moves this year.. For the People not the industry

So we are seeing a phenomenon in the music industry right now. A lot of it may be because of the current state of deep recession that our country is in but more than ever right now BULLSHIT just isn't flying. When I say that I mean the industry can force feed us acts that we don't want to hear, get them to the top of the charts, but then they sell 30,000 first week. I don't know if we've ever seen it like this before. The only artists really selling are those with an already established fan base or those that are pretty legit music wise. I am not mad at it right now but the thing I don't get is why does the industry still chase singles when it seems obvious when someone will or will not go to the store for something?? It seems like an artist with potential and longevity is much more wise of an investment than the ringtone artist.. I don't know.. Just thinking out loud.. So I am coming out of the holidays in between studio spaces and finally am seeing stuff start to pan together.. I should be in a new spot really soon working around a great group of people. I am also very excited because I might finally be starting to get to the place where I can get a lot of talented young musicians I know involved in what I am doing. Ending last year I was really starting to feel like the vibe in Atlanta is stagnant and over saturated. Honestly, it was the first time I've ever said that in my whole life(being the true ATLIEN that I am), but since the top of this year I've started seeing the stagnation as an opportunity for some of us to shake this shit up! I carry with myself a moral obligation with music. I believe that as you grow and get more successful and influential you have a moral responsibility if you are a true musician to follow what you believe in creatively. Although there are some producers that maintain that passion in their music once they get big, most now a days end up falling comfortable in the system and let the money control them. I don't believe there is anything wrong with making a lot of money with music. I love to see musicians get money but once you get the money you should be the one controlling it not letting it control you. Kanye is a producer that definitely doesn't let it control him. He can have anything he wants money wise but still maintain his artistry at the same time. He is what we should all aspire to be. Not like him or sound like him but give back like him. As cocky or as arrogant as he may be he does more than most of these more humble producers that will sell their souls on a record for a dollar. And that is my problem with Atlanta. I feel like we have some of the most talented producers and writers in the game right now.. shit, they are the most commercially successful but I don't think most (not all) are helping the state of music right now. They are regurgitating the same material to the point where it isn't just someone's personal sound it is a sound, a formula, and basically a factory like approach to something that has the potential to be so pure and powerful. Anyway, my only goal besides dropping several classic albums is to better music and not just by making it higher quality but by helping others get involved that have talent and dedication, making people aware of the classics, and always fighting for what I believe in is right.



Anonymous said...

Wow, I co-sign everything you just said!! I Thought I Was The Only One That Felt That Way, About Atlanta, and The industry As A Whole.

Kyle said...

I'm not from Atlanta,I'm from Houston but I feel the exact same way. I love R&B music its the only kind of music that I can really relate to(that is cause i like to sing). However i do love rap too but I can never really connect as far as the beats( I DO PRoduce). What I'm tyrna say is that I am so tired of all this auto tune mess. It was creative the first time but now its getting out of hand, to the point where im like enough is enough. What happened to the good R&B music with passionate singing and melody.I even lost some respect for legendary R&B vocalist who have used autotune.Why use such a plugin when you have the singing ability. Even if you dont have the sing skills. No one wants to hear that over and over again.Sometimes im on youtube watchin old videos, And im like- am I in the wrong era, but im not. I look over to other genres and sub genres and they are doing it,They are being true to their music,the music they feel inside.And they make beautiful music and I become inspired.But when I look back on my genre,R&B,its not happening,somethings not right.I've come to the realization that Ill just have to keep on waiting cause R&B music will comeback around to what it was.And till then I can only be true to myself and wait patiently.-My bad that was alot, but I had alot to say.