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Friday, October 31, 2008

Similarities in campaigns??

Here we have a video where the candidates in 92 were questioned similar to the question that's been brought up by current voters. Very striking similarities... Clinton mentions the 12 years of trickle down economics and the state of the recession of the early 90s. Sounds familiar??

Here we have a campaign video for Clinton - Clinton for "Change.." sound familiar??

Can we say "legend" The King of Pop Motown 25

The greatest on stage performance.. Next time you think you see someone that can dance good.. Resort back to this performance and realize how wack everyone would look next to this pure musical genius. This is the most historic performance of Michael's career and where better than the Motown reunion. Biggest star music will ever see period.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

SNL has stepped it up big time this election

classic skit

One of the coldest to ever touch the instrument - Wes Montgomery

The classic Thelonius Monk song "Round Midnight." Graceful and effortless guitar playing. His tone is legendary. So much emotion.. The music flows through him as if he is watching himself play.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ok Rihanna.. I see u

How the Recession is effecting music?

Lately I've been hearing a lot of people getting mad at records that glorify getting paid because of the state of the economy. All I can say about that is ok, whatever, there have always been songs about getting paid so just don't listen to them if you don't like them. Clearly, the recession so far hasn't had much effect on music. TI just sold 500,000 copies in 1 week which was more than his last album pre recession. Jeezy did 250 his first week. Lil Wayne is almost at 3 million. 2008 has been a huge come back year for hip-hop artists. So my question would be to you: do you think the recession over time will have an effect on the quality of music on mainstream radio? I would hope it would help considering if you're riding around stressed about paying a mortgage and jobless the last thing you should want to hear is crank that spiderman.. But then again, music has a very young consumer base so I guess it will be up to the kids.

my artist debut haha

im putting out an xmas song this year.. trying to get together a little mash video for it.. yes, i'll be singing that mug.. coming afer thanksgiving.. look out for it

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A legend to the game.. Filmore Slim

American Pimp is a must have for your dvd collection.. You thought I was only 8 deep?? Legendary..

Finally someone says it.. He's not even a muslim but why should it even matter if he is??"

This isn't a democrat or republican thing to me because both parties have plenty of dumb asses. It is an American problem... Real Americans are people who should embrace freedom, equality, and justice. I am personally not a muslim but if Obama happened to be one or anyone else for that matter then who cares?? People need to actually sit down and read the New Testament and the Quran. They might find that Jesus and Muhammad were very similar historical figures. They were both prophets sent by God, they both led people out of oppression, inspired, and spread morality. So if it is 2008 and you still don't have respect for an individual that practices a completely harmless and generally positive faith and religion then there is no other way to describe you than completely ignorant. Another issue that I am embarrassed of many people in my country with is gay marriage. Something that both candidates oppose. Just like I am not a Muslim, I am not gay, but it makes no sense to me why gay people can't be married. If we go back to Jeffersonian democracy and the visionaries that laid the ground rules for our government, we learn that governments main role should be to protect our INDIVIDUAL freedoms and personal liberties. This means as long as my actions aren't a potential threat to harm someone else then I should be able to conduct myself freely in society. So how in the world is it a threat to my personal liberty if a gay or lesbian couple wants to get married? How does that harm me as an individual? And why should they not be able to have the same tax benefits of being married as us straight people.
- Tabernacle

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Phoenix - A French band I mess with..

I can't believe I heard these guys on entourage the other week.. I remember listening to them a few years ago when my college roommate put me on them.. This is now known as "the entourage song." hot song and hot show.. take that take that..

Song from Entourage

So is this what Diddy was talking about? Is the Aubrey kick off a publicity stunt?

well hello

Friday, October 17, 2008

Call me an elitist but this is why I don't think everyone should be able to vote

When we are 16 years old we have to take a basic test to drive a car. Why, because cars are a responsibility and being a dangerous driver can harm others just like being a dangerous voter can harm others. We are appointing someone who will have control over war; a person that has the final word to go to war and put lives of Americans on the line. These rednecks should not be able to vote because they are potentially a threat to others individual liberties: they are stupid, and they don't know the difference between an Arab (which is an ethnicity of people that is not always muslim), a Muslim (which is a religion that is more close than any other religion in the world to Christianity), and a terrorist..

Woaah!!! Fire! Kanye West - Coldest Winter prod by Kanye and No ID

Now this is what im talking about.. This record is jamming.. Ok I am definitely fucking with this album now.. I hear the 808 production and the heartbreak lyrics.. It makes sense.. a true artist..

The Coldest Winter

Monday, October 13, 2008

Buy Raphael Saadiq's new cd

Don't ask any questions just buy it. It is great.. motown throwback with a little bit of a new feel.. he really outdid himself on this album! Breath of fresh air!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Change the world continued... Pure genius / the greatest ever

When people ask me whose my favorite musician ever, the answer is always a fast one. Stevie Wonder.. He has truly transcended music, he is a vocal innovator, a genius on every instrument he touches, and a legendary songwriter and producer. If you don't know the music of Stevie Wonder, quit.

at 12 -- the greatest child singer ever period..

teenage years

adult times.. haha

In life there is good music, bad music, and music that changes the world..

Bob Marley falls into the music that saves the world category. His music is pure, inspiring, soulful, and poetic. All you have to do is talk the lyrics to this song and it will make you forget about everything. Learn about this genius and you will better yourself:

Don't worry about a thing,
'Cause every little thing gonna be alright.
Singing': "Don't worry about a thing,
'Cause every little thing gonna be alright!"

Rise up this mornin',
Smiled with the risin' sun,
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singin' sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true,
Saying', ("This is my message to you-ou-ou:")

Singing': "Don't worry 'bout a thing,
'Cause every little thing gonna be alright."
Singing': "Don't worry (don't worry) 'bout a thing,
'Cause every little thing gonna be alright!"

Rise up this mornin',
Smiled with the risin' sun,
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singin' sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true,
Sayin', "This is my message to you-o-o-o:"

Singin': "Don't worry about a thing, worry about a thing, oh!
Every little thing gonna be alright. Don't worry!"
Singin': "Don't worry about a thing" - I won't worry!
"'Cause every little thing gonna be alright."

Singin': "Don't worry about a thing,
'Cause every little thing gonna be alright" - I won't worry!
Singin': "Don't worry about a thing,
'Cause every little thing gonna be alright."
Singin': "Don't worry about a thing, oh no!
'Cause every little thing gonna be alright!

Redemption Song

Stir it up (live_

Crazy Video! Bat For Lashes - What's a Girl to Do