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Thursday, November 27, 2008

My beliefs + a little legendary footage

I run across so many people in the music industry that try to act like everything they do or associate themselves with is "next level" or "the best" or "ground breaking" when really all that shit is silly to me... I say love what you do and do it with love. I believe real music is the best music and by real i don't mean "real instruments" or some elitist view of what "real music" is. I believe real music comes from inspiration = from our experiences in life, our thoughts, our feelings, our ups and our downs etc. I believe that inspiration is a force that travels through us and we should be blessed to have it and even more blessed to be able to use it to express ourselves. It is the love of music and honesty within an individuals music that makes a great artist not the ego, not the sounds they use, and not hype... Remember this: the love of music took a man from being a pocket rnb guitar player for the isley brothers into Jimi Hendrix and an rnb tenor sax player into John Coltrane and it turned this man from a folk singer into one of the greatest songwriters of all time:

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