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Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Kanye Review = possible classic to be recognized in the future

First of all, popular music is at an all time drought right now. It is absolutely horrible and we should all be disgraced by the level of music that has come out recently (and by recently I mean the last year). The record industry crisis is a bursting bubble just like the housing crisis, inflated gas prices, and all the other things around us right now that seem to be coming to a head.. With that being said, the good part about it is that there is no place to go now but up!!

I'd like to start of by saying that the vision of 808's and Heartbreaks is astounding. Most people are so programed right now to expect the same little pop thin synthy emotionless record that when a real artists comes a long and actually makes an innovative/personal album in a pop realm they don't know what to do so they try to find things to hate on. I don't even care if Kanye can't sing or if he uses auto tune etc. To me this album is Kanye's best lyrically. He gets more personal than ever. The theme of the album seems to be that of a troubled artist that has everything in the world but no love, no family life, no real friends so to him it feels like he has nothing. He's mad because the girls around him seem to be superficial and crazy ala "Robocop." I didn't like a few of these songs when I listened to them out of context but when I play this album as an album it makes me realize that his music is pure genius and witnessing his musical growth is very inspiring and refreshing as an upcoming producer, writer, and artist. The album starts of in a very Andre 3000 "love below" type vibe with "Say you will." The albums tone is instantly set with live strings, pads, choirs, grand piano, percussion, and of coarse 808s!! Even though the album is very synthy and 808y, it somehow maintains an organic production quality at the same time. Clearly Kanye put a lot of focus on the sonic continuity of this album.. Wow, I sound like a really corny review nerd with that last lines.. Anyway, all the tracks are extended and seem to run into each other. I do not see this album getting much radio play because it is so different and most of the songs are just too long for radio. I'll be riding out to this album for the next couple of days but all I know is that Im excited!! Kanye will once again sell a lot of albums and doesn't need radio because people will buy this and buy substance! This album will only make him bigger as an artist and more people will respect him.. Keep living your art Ye, you are an inspiration and a breath of fresh air! now Dre Detox where r u? Dre 3000 where are u?? Newcomers, let's save the music!! Kanye needs help!!


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