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Friday, October 17, 2008

Call me an elitist but this is why I don't think everyone should be able to vote

When we are 16 years old we have to take a basic test to drive a car. Why, because cars are a responsibility and being a dangerous driver can harm others just like being a dangerous voter can harm others. We are appointing someone who will have control over war; a person that has the final word to go to war and put lives of Americans on the line. These rednecks should not be able to vote because they are potentially a threat to others individual liberties: they are stupid, and they don't know the difference between an Arab (which is an ethnicity of people that is not always muslim), a Muslim (which is a religion that is more close than any other religion in the world to Christianity), and a terrorist..

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I TOOOOOOOTALLLY AGREE!! U couldn't have put it more eloquently!! lol