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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finally someone says it.. He's not even a muslim but why should it even matter if he is??"

This isn't a democrat or republican thing to me because both parties have plenty of dumb asses. It is an American problem... Real Americans are people who should embrace freedom, equality, and justice. I am personally not a muslim but if Obama happened to be one or anyone else for that matter then who cares?? People need to actually sit down and read the New Testament and the Quran. They might find that Jesus and Muhammad were very similar historical figures. They were both prophets sent by God, they both led people out of oppression, inspired, and spread morality. So if it is 2008 and you still don't have respect for an individual that practices a completely harmless and generally positive faith and religion then there is no other way to describe you than completely ignorant. Another issue that I am embarrassed of many people in my country with is gay marriage. Something that both candidates oppose. Just like I am not a Muslim, I am not gay, but it makes no sense to me why gay people can't be married. If we go back to Jeffersonian democracy and the visionaries that laid the ground rules for our government, we learn that governments main role should be to protect our INDIVIDUAL freedoms and personal liberties. This means as long as my actions aren't a potential threat to harm someone else then I should be able to conduct myself freely in society. So how in the world is it a threat to my personal liberty if a gay or lesbian couple wants to get married? How does that harm me as an individual? And why should they not be able to have the same tax benefits of being married as us straight people.
- Tabernacle


Rowrytah said...

Good post. I feel you. I had this discussion with my supervisor a few weeks ago about religious beliefs and even the gay thing. I took a World Religions class in college and there was a central thing that I noticed. Most of the popular relgions are related. Of course, there are some differences. But for instance, Buddha in the Hindu religion is a figure that bares relation to Jesus in Chrisitianity. If people really research the matter, they will find that many of our religions borrow ideas from one another. And I honestly think that most of them are derived from Christianity. You are right about the Muhammad thing. People take terrorism and apply it to the Muslim religion as a whole. That is not what the Muslim religion is about at all. Just because a person may be Muslim, it does not make them bad. People are just ignorant to a lot of things in this world, especially when they do not even take the time out to look things up and get caught up in the media's interpretation of things. I paid my rent last month and I asked my landlords what they thought about the government (I was talking about the gas prices). Anyway, she replied, "Uh, I don't know about you, but I am surely not going to vote for someone who does not read the Bible." Personally, I feel that America still has a long way to go. As far as the gay thing is concerned, I am definitely not gay, but I do not judge them. If they want to get married, then why should they be prohibited from doing so? People should be treated equally and that is bottom line. I mean, this is the premise for which we base our government on right? We are all human and God loves us all.

thebounce said...

just for the information muslim people concider jesus as a prophet too... is name in the quran is "ISSA"